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iChinaCup APP

Various functions on Brand New App!!!

Check your ranking scores after game
Browse all players' record on App

Enjoy the game by yourself in Self Challenge.
Six levels to challenge your limit

Compete with the worldwide players in PK Hall.
Fast and exciting! Boost your skill to win the game

Interact with companions by sending your (Heart)
Give and receive hearts with global members

Online Mall is available!
Get   (G)   by receiving hearts or Self Challenge.
Redeem   (G)   to Virtual treasure (Crown) (Coin)

Self-challenge mode sets different stage for players who like to challenge the limit. Players can do the self-challenge progressively and can get plentiful G prize.

  • Players can choose different challenge goal.
  • Players get the club approval when achieve the goal
  • There are 6 club approvals, club 100 ~ club 600.
  • Players get reward when challenge success.

Brand new PK Hall mode is easy to operate. It is the competition which all players in different level can enjoy. Winner gets G.

  • There are 4 different rooms in PK Hall.
  • Players can create a room in PK Hall and wait for other player join.
  • System will match a random opponent for long waiting players.
  • Players can choose random match to find an opponent.
  • It will charge admission fee (G) for PK game.