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Cookie Master


This game uses the Pastry House as the theme for its backdrop. The graphic designs of the cookies and desserts are delectable and appealing ; the actions and facial expressions of the baking chef are very entertaining. All in all making its game that can stand the test of time.

  • A State of the Art Pusher Machine.
  • Each Cookie Brings You Different Surprises.
  • Lovely Graphics Design Appeals to Players of All Age.
  • Cookie Wheel Provides You A Chance to Win the Bonus Game.
  • Attractive Cabinet Design with Shiny LED Effect.



  • After inserting the coins, the player will receive a cookie which acts as the bullet.
  • Shooting starts by pressing the shoot button and aiming at the desserts on the train.
  • Cookies that have been shot will fall onto the pushing platform and will be pushed forward and upon dropping off,points will be rewarded.
  • The Lucky game (Ferris Wheel) will be triggered after collecting 5 chocolates.
  • The game will enter the Bonus Game if the Ferris Wheel stops on the lucky candy.
  • The jackpot will be rewarded if the lucky candy stops on "Bonus".

  • Functional Dessert Explanation :
  1. Cupcake: rewards a double-shoot, whereby during shooting, an extra shot of cookie is provided.
  2. Purple Cake: rewards double-block, blocks up for both sides, then the cookies will not fall off the cliffs.
  3. Donuts: rewards powerful-cookies. Cookies are burning with flames that giving extra power and are able to shoot down even more cookies.
  4. Strawberry Cake: rewards all-push, the pusher pushes forward to drop all the cookies and desserts on the platform in one go.





  • Monitor:32" High Resolution LCD Widescreen.
  • Players:1 Player Video Arcade Coin Pusher.
  • Voltage:AC110V~120V / AC220V~240V (50~60HZ) │ 220W
  • Dimensions(mm):W 750 * D 680 * H 1965 (Single Machine) ; W 2260 * D 680 * H 2355 (3 Machines +
    Light Enclosure)
  • Weight(kg):230.